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Winter Wedding Fashion Ideas

3 women at a winter wedding wearing beatiful dresses and scarves

With a chill in the air and snow on the ground, winter is the perfect time for romantic nights in. That makes it the ideal season to host a cozy winter wedding ceremony surrounded by family and friends.

Whether you’re planning your own wedding or just got an invite, you may be wondering: What should a guest wear to a winter wedding? After all, winter’s cold chill could rule out your usual formalwear choices. But staying warm and fashionable doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, keeping in mind a few simple considerations can make it easier to choose your winter wedding guest attire.

Below, find factors to consider when planning a dress code, and discover inspiring winter wedding outfit ideas you can don as a guest.

1. Winter Wedding Location Makes A Difference

First, consider where the wedding will take place: Will the ceremony happen indoors, or outside? Depending on the weather, an outdoor ceremony will require more cold-hearty winter wedding fashion. Meanwhile, at an indoor ceremony with climate control, guests can have more freedom to experiment with different styles. After all, you can simply shed your winter coat when you head indoors.

When planning a winter wedding, make sure you specify this tidbit when sending out invitations. If you’re a guest, ask about the ceremony and reception environment before going shopping.

Planning tip: If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding, you might want to choose a Rhode Island wedding venue with an indoor option – just in case a blizzard decides to crash the reception.

2. Consider Winter Wedding Color Pallette

Next, you’ll also need to consider the overall color palette. Popular colors to wear to a winter wedding include:

  • Classic Jewel tones: Colors that resemble gemstones, like rich purple, blue, red, or green, can add depth and vibrancy to a look during bleaker weather. Plus, they can flatter a variety of skin tones and complexions.
  • Metallic shades: Shimmery colors, such as silver or gold, can evoke the feeling of glistening snow or Christmas tree decorations, making them a classy winter wedding guest dresses choice.
  • Winter Prints: While solids are always a timeless option, certain prints can make a more trendy statement in your winter wedding guest attire. For instance, classic plaid and tartan are good choices for dresses or blouses, while pinstripes work well for suits or pants.

Planning tip: It’s totally fine to specify a color code on your wedding invitations. After all, your guest’s outfits will influence the overall atmosphere in your wedding photos.

3. Choose fabric wisely

When shopping for your winter wedding guest attire, pay attention to the fabric. Some fabrics preserve warmth better than others. For example, cotton absorbs moisture, which could make you feel colder – not ideal for a winter event.

Good fabric choices for winter wedding fashion can include:

  • Wool. This natural fiber offers insulation while still promoting breathability, making it an excellent choice for overcoats, pants, or skirts.
  • Velvet. A classic, densely woven winter fabric that can promote warmth while offering a luscious feel, perfect for a winter wedding guest dress
  • Silk. A heavy silk may also keep heat close to your body and lend a luxurious effect to your formalwear.
  • Fur Or Down. Now is the perfect time to break out that thrift-store fur coat or down-lined jacket as a finishing touch in your ensemble.

4. The formality level

Beyond the location, the wedding’s formality level can also affect your winter wedding fashion choices. After all, a semi-casual affair will require different cold-weather clothing than a black-tie event.

For mens winter wedding guest attire, staying warm at a casual wedding could mean throwing a vest or denim jacket over a button-up shirt. For more formal occasions, you could wear thermals under a suit or tux.

For women, a long jumper or romper could offer a stylish way to stay warm at a more casual event. The pants could offer extra heat in outdoor events. For formal weddings, dresses with long sleeves or floor-length skirts could keep you warm while still meeting the dress code. You might also consider styles like capelet dresses, which come with a built-in cape to protect against cool weather.

5. Accessorize to your advantage

Lastly, the accessories you choose can provide extra warmth and create a statement that ties together your winter wedding guest attire. Some accessories can also be better suited to cold weather than others.

For instance, metal conducts heat, which means your silver necklace could actually draw warmth away from your skin and leave you colder. Instead, accessories made from warmer cloth, like a knit scarf, can provide the same effect while helping you stay warm.

Other fun accessory options to consider include:

  • Non-metal jewelry like beaded necklaces and bracelets or gemstones on corded strands.
  • Gloves in a similar shade as the rest of your outfit. For a more formal event, this could aslo be your opportunity to reach for elbow-length gloves.
  • Hats can offer a preppy touch in casual wedding attire, especially for men. Think a classic newsboy hat paired with suspenders.

Conclusion: Winter wedding guest outfit ideas

Staying warm and fashionable doesn’t have to be hard. When planning your winter wedding guest attire, consider the ceremony’s location, the color and material of your outfit, and any accessories that could complete your overall look.

And if you’re planning a winter wedding yourself, keep these elements in mind when choosing your dress code for guests. To offer your attendees maximum flexibility in their attire, you might also want to consider a Rhode Island wedding venue that has both outdoor and indoor spaces, like Kirkbrae Country Club.

Our romantic event locations can help you host the romantic winter wedding of your dreams, without sacrificing style or warmth. Sip hot tea out of the wind on a cozy patio space, or host a mid-winter wedding to remember in our grand ballroom. We can even offer bonus perks, like hot catering, to help you and your guests feel relaxed, safe, and ready to enjoy your cozy night together.

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