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How To Choose A Rhode Island Wedding Venue

inside of kirkbrae wedding venue ballroom

What is a wedding venue, you may ask? It’s more than just a place. It’s where you’ll say “I do” with your partner, cementing your love surrounded by your family and friends. It’s the place where the first day of the rest of your life begins. So, it’s important to choose the right venue. But with so many options, how do you choose the perfect one that exemplifies your unique romance? Let's discuss.

Check out our choosing a wedding venue checklist below, and get the low-down on the best wedding venue in Rhode Island.

What to ask when choosing your venue: A wedding venue checklist

The right venue for your special day can depend on a number of factors, like your overall budget and your wedding’s size, or the feelings and wedding themes you want to capture. While you’re shopping for venues, either online or in-person, keep the following elements in mind.


If you’re planning a larger event full of friends and family, you’ll need a venue that can accommodate everyone on your guest list. Make sure to ask about the maximum guest capacity for your ceremony and reception. After all, you don’t want to send out invitations to a wedding that’s standing-room only.

Separate Spaces

When touring the venue, ask to see the various areas for each phase of your wedding day. For example:

  • Can your venue accommodate both your ceremony and reception?
  • Does it have a space where you, your partner, and your wedding party can get ready beforehand?
  • What about a cocktail area for your guests?
Make sure that your chosen venue has a space for every event you’d like to involve in your day.


How far away is your venue from home? Will you and your guests need to book overnight accommodations, or is it only a short drive away? If you have family flying in from out of town, consider your venue’s proximity to nearby airports and hotels, so your guests can travel there easily.

Aesthetic And Wedding Styles

Your venue helps set the stage for your wedding theme more than any other aspect of your special day, which makes it crucial to choose one that matches your vision.

If you want a more natural or whimsical wedding day, then a country venue with rolling fields and sprawling trees could help you capture your theme. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a day full of upscale elegance, a ballroom might help you capture your fairytale wedding styles.

Color Scheme

Beyond the aesthetic, consider the color scheme you’d like to create with your decorations. For example, is your heart set on a room overflowing with vibrant pink roses? Or maybe you’d prefer to set a rich scene with jewel-toned fabrics and accents?
Venues with neutral tones or natural greenery can act as an ideal canvas for your creative vision, allowing you to let your creativity shine through.


Don’t forget dinner! Will your venue provide food and drinks for your wedding day, or will you need to coordinate with an outside vendor? Be sure to ask while touring the site — and while you’re at it, see if you can have a taste or two. If your wedding catering is available, that’s one less thing for you to worry about.


Does the venue provide tables, chairs, and other essentials for your guests? What about decorations like wedding arches or lighting to create your ambiance? If so, will you pay an extra fee for using them?

If your venue provides these elements, that’s one less thng for you to worry about. Ask what is included in the booking fees for your ceremony and reception so you’ll know if there are any extra charges for add-ons.


When you book the venue, does it include wedding venue staff that will help your wedding day go smoothly? For example:

  • Will your reception include the services of waiters or waitresses?
  • Will you have an attendant to help your day run smoothly?
  • What about stylists to set up and take down decorations for you?
Some wedding venues even go above and beyond with wedding planning services that can take care of all the details for you.

Do You Pick A Wedding Date Or Wedding Venue First?

It depends! If you have a specific date in mind, perhaps due to travel plans, work schedules or a special anniversary, you’ll probably prefer to search for venues available during your desired date range.

On the other hand, if you’re more flexible about the date, then choosing your venue first might be the better option. Either way works — it just depends on what’s right for you and your fiance.

The Best Wedding Venue in Rhode Island

Looking for one of the most unique wedding venues in Rhode Island? Kirkbrae Country Club can help you bring your fairy tale dreams to life.

Overlooking scenic Northern Rhode Island, our venue combines the timeless beauty of the natural world with modern elegance for weddings of nearly any size. You can exchange vows in our outdoor wedding venue, or say “I do” inside the recently renovated grand ballroom. You’ll have all the spaces you need for big day only a short drive away from the airport.

You can also enjoy full service catering with all the tables and chairs you’ll need — and you’ll know exactly what everything costs with no surprise fees. Plus, our wedding planners and event staff can help you curate your dream wedding day from beginning to end. You’ll know exactly what to expect, and we’ll take care of everything you need: From the moment you arrive, til you ride off into the sunset together.

To celebrate your special day at Kirkbrae, contact us today and learn more about one of the premier Rhode Island wedding venues in the state.