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How to Plan A Memorable & Stress-Free Graduation Party

A graduation party setup with balloons, drinks, and cupcakes on a table

A graduation is a time to celebrate new beginnings and the next chapter in life. There’s no better way to ring in this accomplishment than by planning an epic graduation party.

Like all parties, a graduation celebration needs a few key elements to go off without a hitch – like a unique theme, photo-worthy decorations, and a mouth-watering menu. Below, discover a handy checklist that can help you plan your graduation party. Plus, discover an RI event venue perfect for graduation celebrations. Our expert planners have put together a comprehensive list of options for planning a graduation party checklist

How to Plan a Graduation party - Your go-to checklist

Find Your Graduation Party Venue

Before you can start graduation party planning, you’ll need to find a location. When choosing your graduation party venue, keep the following factors in mind.

  • Size. Can your venue accommodate your full guest list and still have enough space for activities like dancing? Consider your venue’s overall guest capacity
  • Aesthetic. Does your venue capture the graduation party theme you want to convey – like upscale or casual cool?
  • Indoor Or Outdoor If you have your eye on an outdoor venue, does it also have a backup indoor space for rainy days?
  • Distance How close is your party venue to the graduation ceremony location? You should also consider proximity to features like airports and hotels if you have family and friends coming to party from out of town
an ornately designed graduation party hosted at Kirkbrae Country Club

Style Your Decorations

Once you’ve picked your theme, you can bring it to life with some well-placed decor. You can use the following graduation decoration ideas to personalize your event space

  • Photo Banners. Break out all the grad’s school photos from over the years to use in a photo banner. Not only can this collage of photos provide a clear link from the past to the present, but it also opens the door for some playful teasing over past fashion and hair blunders
  • Balloon Arch Balloons are a party staple for a reason: They’re easy to use, colorful, and create a festive atmosphere. Try creating a balloon backdrop for photos inspired by the color palette from your party.
  • Grab a creative “guest book”. Instead of going the standard route with a traditional book, try putting a creative spin on this concept to transform it into a decoration. For example, have your guests write memories on Jenga Blocks or sign a globe. The next time the grad glances at this “guest book”, they can remember the fun they shared at the party.

Curate Your Menu

Your grad is one smart cookie – so they deserve plenty of delicious party food to toast their achievements. Try the following graduation party food ideas to upgrade your celebration.

  • Graduation cupcakes. A frosted graham cracker can transform a regular devil’s food cupcake into an edible graduation cap.
  • Blackboard Cookies. Did you know that candy melts can actually be used to make edible chalk? Combined with frosted blackboard cookies, they’re an interactive treat that’s sure to be a star of the dessert table
  • Design A Candy Board. Use edible treats, like Oreos and M&Ms, to create a graduation candy board. You can use your treats to create designs, like the grad’s name or their graduation year, or just freehand a fun design of your own creation.

If you’re not up for DIYing culinary creations, opt for a venue that provides catering to take this task off your plate.

Plan Your Graduation Party Activities

Beyond dancing and mingling, a few thoughtful graduation party games can create a fun atmosphere. Try the following graduation party activities to set the mood.

  • Graduation Trivia. Bring competitive spirit to your graduation party with a game of trivia. Have the grad write down answers to their favorite things – like songs, movies, and or their dream career. Whoever guesses the most correct answers wins a prize.
  • Superlatives. Grab a whiteboard and ask everyone at the party to write down a superlative about another guest – like “most likely to reminisce about a high school football game.” After all answers have been written down, everyone has to choose the superlative written about them.
  • Are you smarter than a graduate? Think you can beat the graduate in a trivia contest? Host your own version of Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? by writing down questions the grad is sure to ace and challenging others to guess correctly. If anyone can successfully outsmart the grad, that calls for a prize – like a gift card.

A Rhode Island event venue for your graduation party

If you’re looking for a place to bring your graduation party ideas to life, Kirkbrae Country Club has you covered. Our Rhode Island event spaces provide the perfect blend of upscale opulence and warmth, so you can create memories together. Plus, we’re only 15 minutes away from Providence and a short drive from the airport, so out-of-town guests can find your party venue with ease.

We can even cater your event, so you can celebrate with inspired creations from an award-winning culinary team. Contact us today to learn more about hosting your graduation party at one of our event spaces