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How to Plan a Company Christmas Party in 2024: 10 Unique Ideas

3 women at a winter wedding wearing beatiful dresses and scarves

Your employees and colleagues work hard to make your business successful. A company holiday party can be a wonderful way to end the year and celebrate the team that makes it all possible. What’s more, planning your next office holiday party together can offer an opportunity for collaboration and give your team something to look forward to all year.

As you start your party planning process, let these ten unique company holiday office party ideas provide inspiration for your next event.

1. Holiday charity drive

The holiday season is a time to give back and spread good fortune. So, why not combine your company's Christmas party with a charity event? For instance, “charge” all of your guests a toy for admission, then donate them to a local holiday toy drive at the end of your event.

If you’re up for something a bit more involved, ask your guests to bring an item to place in a fundraiser basket, such as a bottle of wine or a favorite book. You can raffle off the basket in a silent auction at your party, then donate the proceeds to charity. And the auction winner can enjoy their holiday with new gifts.

2. Christmas through the decades

If you favor a more elegant Christmas party theme, try modeling your party after a certain decade. A few months before your event, hold a poll and have your team cast votes on a decade, like like the 50s or the roaring 20s. Then, throw a holiday party themed after the decade of choice.

You could play up historical accuracy and try out vintage recipes and party traditions. (Just maybe leave the cheese and lime jello salad in the 50s.) This is also a wonderful chance for guests to style elegant vintage costumes and outfits.

3. Speed tree-trimming

Looking for unique office holiday party games? Try dividing your guests into teams and give them each a mini Christmas tree and a few decorations, like ornaments, a garland, and a topper. Then, set a timer and see which team can create the best-decorated tree within the time limit. The smaller the limit, the more madcap the challenge.

When time is up, a judge can award a prize to the team with the most successful tree. This holiday party game idea could also work for other decorations or crafts, like gingerbread houses.

4. Handcrafted gift exchange

To put an engaging twist on your office gift exchange, try establishing a theme for the gifts. For instance, all items need to be handmade. This is a great opportunity for your team to showcase their inner talents and hobbies, like knitting a pair of gloves or baking a favorite holiday treat. It also helps your team get to know each other better – and everyone’s gifts will have special meaning attached since they were made just for the occasion.

5. Holiday Dress up party

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you’ve probably seen a few creative costume party ideas, like dressing up as something that starts with the first letter of your name.

To give this fun dress-up party concept a seasonal twist, just ask your guests to choose from holiday inspiration sources. They could choose from characters in festive movies or songs, or theme an outfit after a favorite holiday decoration or tradition. There’s a lot of room for creativity with this fun company Christmas party theme idea.

6. Recreate a favorite holiday memory

For more holiday dress-up party ideas, just choose a different holiday theme or object to inspire your guest's office holiday party outfits. For example, ask them to bring a photo from a favorite holiday memory and recreate their outfit. To gamify the event, hand out an award to the guest with the most creative recreation.

7. Dress as any holiday

Is your office full of grinches allergic to Christmas cheer? No problem. Instead of theming your holiday outfits after the December holidays, ask your guests to dress up as a holiday of their choice from earlier in the year, like festive beads for Mardis Gras or pink for Valentine’s Day. It’s also a fantastic chance to give your Halloween costumes another chance to shine.

8. Do a hybrid event

For larger parties or companies with remote workers, consider live-streaming your party to team members who can’t make it in person. It’s a great way to include employees who can’t be physically present. You can also send boxes in advance with treats and drinks for your virtual guests.


Bring your own board” parties allow your team members to express their creativity with custom charcuterie boards. Just ask your guests to make their boards holiday-themed, like choosing festive flavored foods or arranging their snacks in holiday-inspired designs. Attendees can have fun putting together their boards, and you’ll have a mix of sweet and savory foods at your snack bar.

10. Holiday Murder Mystery

There's Been A Murder.....In Savannah!

While murder mystery parties may seem better suited for Halloween, there’s no reason why you couldn’t adapt this party game for Christmas. If you aren’t sure where to start with the script, just put a twist on a classic holiday movie – Think Murder on the Polar Express, or Mystery on 34th Street. As everyone works together to solve the mystery, they’ll grow closer as a team. It’s one of our favorite company holiday party entertainment ideas for small groups.

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