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Rhode Island Christmas Party Ideas

People having fun at a corporate Christmas party at Kirkbrae Country Club

Your employees work hard all year. So, Christmas is the perfect time to reward them with a fun company holiday party. To help you spread cheer to everyone in the office, we’ve rounded up 10 unique corporate Christmas party ideas sure to brighten up your Rhode Island corporate event. Keep reading to find them, and discover why Kirkbrae is the best RI party venue for company events.

How to plan a company Christmas Party

Any successful company Christmas party involves a few must-haves, which include:

  • A festive venue: Your office board room may be all right for a smaller office Christmas party. But if you want to make your event memorable, booking an off-site Christmas party venue could help you take things to the next level.
  • Delicious catering: Unlike Santa, your employees can’t live on milk and cookies alone. Some tasty catering can help them get into the holiday spirit at your party. While you can always book a caterer, some venues provide catering directly to make your job as a party planner easier.
  • Fun activities: Don't forget to incorporate some fun activities to keep your guests entertained. This could be anything from a gift exchange to a photobooth rental.

With this in mind, let’s go over 10 of our top company Christmas party ideas that make use of these three essential elements.

1. A Winter Wonderland Corporate Gathering

There's nothing that says holidays more than snow. So, why not bring the outdoors inside with a winter wonderland holiday party theme? Blue and white decorations can drive this theme home, like snowflakes, faux snow, or a tree decked out with twinkle lights.

You can carry this wintery theming out in your treats with snowmen cupcakes or snowflake cookies. Or, help your guests feel warm by serving up warm drinks, like hot chocolate with marshmallows.

2. Tropical Christmas Theme

Of course, sometimes you’d prefer to get away from all the ice and snow. That can be especially true if you’re in a colder state, like Rhode Island. So, why not give your employees a taste of the tropics for Christmas, with a tropical-themed corporate Christmas Party?

Imagine wearing a red or green lei while sipping eggnog from a Tiki bar, surrounded by tropical plants decked out with twinkle lights. It’s a unique corporate holiday party idea that your employees are sure to look forward to all December long.

3. Masquerade ball

If you’re interested in more upscale corporate christmas party ideas, a holiday masquerade ball could be just the ticket. Your employees can don their most festive ball gowns and tuxes, along with holiday-themed masks of their choosing. This could be anything from Santa and his elves, snowman and reindeer, or a more abstract design – like blue sequins with snowflake accents.

For best results, a Rhode Island ballroom decked out with sparkling lights can help your guests bask in wintery luxury. As a finishing touch, you can also ask your caterer to whip up mask-themed cookies, or go luxurious and break out the the bubbly (or nonalcoholic options like sparkling grape juice.)

4. Ugly sweater Christmas party

Everyone has a hideous sweater or two hiding in the back of their closet. Thankfully, Christmas is the perfect time to break them out of hiding by throwing an ugly sweater party.

Encourage your guests to dress in their tackiest holiday sweaters, then spend the night snacking on sweater-shaped cookies and sipping hot cocoa. If you want to gamify this event, try making it into a competition and handing out prizes to the ugliest sweaters of the night — like the most festive, the most sparkly, or the overall most creative. This would also be a wonderful time to snap a photo for your company Christmas card!

5. Flannel Christmas Party

Are your employees not into ugly sweaters? Try asking them to dress in their lumber-jack best for a flannel-themed company Christmas Party.

Have guests don flannel shirts, jackets, pants, hats, or anything else they can find in their closets – bonus points if they wear multiple items at once. More is more! Don't forget the flannel shirt-themed sugar cookies to snack on. Or, stuff party favors in miniature flannel stockings for your employees to take home.

6. Ornament crafting party

If you’d prefer a Christmas party theme with a crafty angle, try having your employees make ornaments to decorate your company’s Christmas tree. This can be a fun team-building activity

String popcorn, sip punch, and eat cookies as you express your creativity – or compete to see who can come up with the most creative ornament designs. When the tree comes down, your employees can take their creations home to remember the occasion.

7. Karaoke Christmas party

At this time of year, Mariah Carey is fully defrosted and ready to belt out holiday cheer. So, have your employees join in the spirt by hosting a Christmas karaoke party

Employees can belt out their favorite Christmas tunes all night long, letting go of their stress and getting into a party mood. After all, karaoke isn’t about sounding good: It’s about sounding terrible together. To gamify the event, try dividing the team into groups and having them compete against each-other. Whoever sounds the best (or has the most fun) wins.

8. Host a virtual office Christmas party

Of course, sometimes it’s tough to get everyone together in one place for a holiday party. That can be especially true if some of your employees work remotely. So, why not include them in the fun with a virtual office Christmas party?

Employees who can’t make it in person could join in via Zoom and participate in games you can play remotely – like guess that Christmas carol or holiday trivia. You could even mail packages to your remote guests complete with cocoa mixes and holiday cookies.

9. Gingerbread Christmas Party

Here’s one of our tastiest company holiday party activities. Ask your caterer to whip up some fresh gingerbread cookies, then decorate them as a team. You could divide into teams and compete for the best-decorated cookies, or work together to build a more ambitious project – like a full gingerbread house. Plus, when you’re done, you can eat your creations.

10. Gag Gift Christmas Party

Traditional Christmas gift exchanges can be a fun party activity. But if you’d prefer putting a more playful spin on a classic tradition, try making them gag gifts instead. All you have to do is follow the rules of a traditional white elephant gift exchange — but the gifts consist of things like cheap cologne and holiday printed toilet paper. It’s a surefire way to bring laughter to your event. Plus, you can easily combine this company Christmas party theme idea with other activities.

An RI Christmas event venue for your next company party

If you’re ready to treat your employees to a Rhode Island Christmas party they’ll always remember, Kirkbrae Country Club is here to help you spread holiday cheer.

Our stunning Rhode island venues can accommodate a small gathering with 25 people, to a grand soiree with up to 350 guests. From dazzling ballrooms, to cozy private gathering spaces, we have warm spaces where you can gather together and take refuge from the Rhode Island cold. Plus, our in-house culinary team can cater your holiday event with delicious food, treats, and cocktails. We’ll take care of the hard part, so you can focus on making memories with your team.

Contact us today to learn more about booking a holiday party with us.