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2023 Bridal Shower Themes and Venue Ideas for Brides-to-be in Rhode Island

4 options for themes for bridal shower theme

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the nation, but there’s no shortage of exciting sights and sounds to enjoy here. You can find scenic beaches, delicious restaurants and bars, and quaint small towns all within a short drive of each other. This sheer wealth of options presents you with a ton of fun places to host a bridal shower. Plus, your venue of choice can help you capture a unique bridal shower theme that’s sure to elevate the event.

Below, discover fun and elegant bridal shower theme ideas perfect for celebrating a soon-to-be bride and get ideas about the best Rhode Island bridal shower venues for your event.

Do bridal showers have themes?

Bridal showers don’t necessarily need themes to be successful. But they can make your party feel more fun and cohesive. A theme can help you decide certain aspects of your party, like the venue, decorations, food, bridal shower games, and more.

For example, say your bride-to-be is planning a tropical destination wedding. In that case, she’s sure to remember stepping into a bridal shower venue decorated with seashells and tropical faux flowers. When all of the individual elements at your bridal shower work together, the entire occasion feels elevated and memorable. So, with that in mind, the following themes would be perfect to try out for a Rhode Island bridal shower.

An assortment of bridal shower ideas for Rhode Island bridal showers

Beachy bridal shower

With over 400 miles of coastline in Rhode Island, heading to the beach is a perfect way to celebrate an upcoming wedding. You could celebrate with lunch at a beachside restaurant, then head to the shore to enjoy the sunshine. It’s an ideal bridal shower theme for summer

That said, if you’re throwing a bridal shower in the colder months, you don’t necessarily need to be on the beach. Decorations, like seashells and starfish, can help you bring a beach bridal shower theme to an indoor venue. A tropical bridal shower drink menu never hurt, either.

Garden party bridal shower

If the weather permits, consider heading outdoors to enjoy some of Rhode Island’s natural beauty at a garden party. Enjoying the sunshine, fresh air, and blooming flowers can help create a vibrant, fun atmosphere that’s ideal for spring or summer bridal showers.

That said, if you want to capture this theme in the colder months, you can always bring the garden indoors with faux floral decorations.

High tea bridal shower

Afternoon tea is a bridal shower staple for a reason — it’s elegant, chic, and provides the perfect middle ground between formal and casual celebrations. In warmer weather, you could easily combine your tea party with an outdoor garden party. But celebrating in a tea room or another indoor venue can also provide upscale vibes for your bridal shower.

Rhode Island Retro

Rhode Island is one of the oldest states in the country. So, consider taking inspiration from its rich history by hosting a retro-inspired bridal shower.

Encourage your guests to wear vintage styles, decorate with retro colors and design elements like vinyl records, and curate a bridal shower drink menu of classic cocktails. You can help drive this bridal shower theme home by hosting at a historic or vintage-inspired venue.

Artistic bridal shower

Rhode Island is home to a thriving community of artists whose work you can find at intriguing galleries and museums. So, why not bring these artistic roots into your bridal shower?

You could host at a venue nearby an art gallery, or incorporate artistic elements into your decorations, like easels or artist mannequins. As a thoughtful touch, consider taking inspiration from the bride-to-be’s favorite artist or painting, then incorporating the same color palette into your theme. It’s a thoughtful way to play up this bridal shower theme for an artistic bride.

Bridal shower brunch

Rhode Island’s culinary scene features some of the best flavor combinations in New England. So, consider hosting a bridal shower brunch to enjoy some of the state’s most delicious offerings.

The bride-to-be will get to enjoy a relaxing morning meal surrounded by loved ones — and you don’t necessarily need to host brunch at a restaurant, either. You can always coordinate with a venue that provides catering to get the job done.

Bridal shower cocktail party

Cities like Newport exude an upscale feeling of glamour and sophistication. So, try capturing Rhode Island’s inherit sophistication by hosting a cocktail party in the evening. This more formal celebration will give the bride-to-be an opportunity to enjoy cocktails and hors-d’oeuvres before her wedding day.

Who knows, if your bride-to-be hasn’t picked out her wedding reception venue yet, this could also be a fun opportunity to vet potential options with friends and family.

A RI Bridal shower venue for your special occasions

Like we said, Rhode Island is home to several wonderful venues where you can host bridal showers of nearly any theme. But if you’re interested in hosting your Rhode Island bridal shower at the best of the best, Kirkbrae Country Club is waiting for you.

For the last 60 years, we’ve been one of Rhode Island’s premier wedding and event facilities. Not only can you hold a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception here, but you can also host a bridal shower unlike any other.

We have both indoor and outdoor event spaces where you can host intimate gatherings with a handful of close guests, or a pre-wedding extravaganza with 300 people. Our bright and modern decor acts as a perfect blank slate for whatever theme you want to capture. Plus, we can provide in-house catering and cocktails for your party, so you won’t need to scout out a caterer yourself. It’s like having your own personal event planner in your corner.

Give the bride-to-be in your life a luxurious treat she won’t soon forget. Contact us today to learn more about booking a bridal shower with us.