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Baby Shower Ideas for Boys: Tips & Resources to Plan The Perfect Party

Baby shower ideas for boys

Someone you love is ready to welcome a new bundle of joy into their life. That calls for a celebration with an epic baby shower!

If you’ve never done it before, throwing a baby shower can feel overwhelming. But we’re here to help you find unique baby shower ideas for boys, along with tips and resources to ensure you plan a seamless event. Find them below, and learn details about one of the best baby shower venues in Rhode Island

Baby shower ideas for boys

First, consider the type of theme you’d like to showcase at your Rhode Island baby shower. If you’re drawing a blank, try asking the soon-to-be parents if they have theming plans for their nursery. Not only does this give you a great starting point, but it’s also a thoughtful way to incorporate their style into the shower.

If you still need ideas, a classic blue color scheme is always a timeless choice. Some unique themes that incorporate this palette include:

1. Baby shower picnic

Head outside to enjoy the blue sky at a baby shower picnic. You can decorate with blue checked picnic blankets, blue floral centerpieces, or stuffed teddy bears to capture cute, rustic vibes.

If you’re worried about summer or spring heat, try looking for venues with tents to block out the sunny rays.

2. Over The Moon

The starry night sky features plenty of stunning blue shades. So, consider planning a night-themed baby shower filled with moon and star elements.

For example, deep navy tablecloths can remind guests of the night sky, while floating white balloons can evoke the feeling of stars or fluffy clouds.

3. Sailboat Baby Shower

For parents who love boating or spending time on the water, a nautical baby shower can be a fun way to welcome their new little one.

Blue balloons, tablecloths, and streamers could represent the ocean while finishing touches like toy sailboats or decorative anchors can drive the theme home. Don’t forget to put a baby-sized sailor suit on the gift registry!

4. Under The Sea

Instead of taking inspiration from the water’s surface, why not transport your baby shower guests under the sea instead? You can use the same oceanic blue decorations to establish your basic design. But instead of boats, you can mix things up with decorative elements like stuffed undersea creatures.

5. Royal Blue

This upcoming baby is sure to be loved like a little prince. So why not throw a royal blue baby shower full of regal touches? Shades of bold royal blue are a must-have for your color scheme, but gold accents, like napkins, balloons, or curtains, can help you add an extra upscale touch that’s fit for a royal family.

Kirkbrae is the best RI baby shower venue

Baby shower planning tips

First, consider the type of theme you’d like to showcase at your Rhode Island baby shower. If you’re drawing a blank, try asking the soon-to-be parents if they have theme plans for their nursery. Not only does this give you a great starting point, but it’s also a thoughtful way to incorporate their style into the shower.

1. Find the perfect venue

With your theme in mind, you can start your search for a Rhode Island baby shower venue that will help you bring it to life. Factors to consider when choosing your venue include:

  • Indoor Or Outdoor: Outdoor baby shower venues could be perfect for spring or summer celebrations, while indoor locations can come in handy for unpredictable weather. If you’re choosing an outdoor venue, try looking for a space that offers a rain shelter or “backup space,” just in case.
  • Capacity: How many guests do you plan on inviting to your baby shower? This can help you choose between a smaller space that can accommodate a handful of close loved ones or a more spacious venue that can accommodate a full extended family.
  • Location: How close is your venue in relation to other nearby amenities, like the airport for out-of-town guests? Consider how far your guests will need to travel and try to choose a spot that’s centrally located.

2. Send your baby boy shower invitations

After you choose a venue, you can start sending themed invitations to all of your guests. Beyond the key details, like the date and time, be sure to include other helpful information, like links to a gift registry or pointers about your dress code.

Resources you can use to design and send customized invites include:

  • Evite: An online invitation platform that offers customizable digital invitations. When you’re done, you can send them via email, text, or social media, then track them with RSVPs.
  • Canva: A free design program that offers plenty of easy-to-customize invitation templates. You can create fully digital invitations, or make printable versions to send in the mail.
  • Zazzle: An online marketplace that allows independent designers to make and sell their own creations — including invitations. You can choose from countless baby shower invitation templates and download digital copies or have already printed cards shipped out.

3. Don’t forget the food

Your menu can heighten the theming of your baby shower by coordinating with the overall ambiance and creating a unique flavor profile for your guests. For example, shrimp bites could coordinate with an undersea shower, while hot tea can provide a soothing choice for a starry night theme.

More tasty food ideas include:

  • Mini sliders: Celebrate an upcoming “bun in the oven” with mini burger sliders. It’s a fun play on words and a tasty treat that’s ideal for a party.
  • Fruit samplers: Fruit trays are a classic choice for all kinds of parties. They’re easy for guests to grab, plus they make a lighter alternative to the potentially heavier options. They can also add a botanical hint to your menu if you’re planning an outdoor, garden-party baby shower.
  • Cake pops: Every good party needs cake — although it doesn’t have to be the star of the show. Try playing into your baby shower theme by serving bite-sized cake pops dipped in blue chocolate.

Look for a Rhode Island baby shower venue that provides catering on-site, so you can take care of two items on your list at once.

4. Curate your baby boy shower games

Baby boy shower games can help your guests get into a party mood. Fun game ideas for a boy's baby shower include:

  • Guess the flavor: Take the labels off a few choice jars of baby food puree, and ask your guests to guess the flavor. You could pass out small samples for taste testing, or just ask them to take a whiff.
  • Speed diapering: Grab some baby dolls, diapers, and a timer, then challenge your guests to see who can change a diaper the fastest. For an added challenge, try splitting your guests into groups and having them tag-team.
  • Baby playlist: Pass out pencils and paper, then ask your guests to write down as many songs as possible with the word “baby” in the title. Extra hard mode: Justin Bieber doesn’t count.

5. Pass out favors for your boy baby shower

After you’ve enjoyed a day full of fun and celebration with your guests, you can return the favor by sending them off with a favor to show your appreciation. Cute favor ideas for a boy baby shower include:

  • Take-home treats: Edible favors can give your guests something extra to look forward to at home. So, consider seeing them off with a colorful treat, like mini bags of blue M&Ms.
  • A touch of relaxation: Depending on how active your party games are, your guests might like a chance to unwind afterward. So, try passing out fizzy blue bath bombs or mini blueberry-scented candles.
  • Mini bottles of bubbly: To give your guests one final celebration, consider giving them each a mini bottle of champagne as a sendoff gift. When they hear the birth announcement later, they can pop the bottle and enjoy a toast to the new little bundle of joy.

Looking for the best baby shower venue in RI?

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