At Pods swimming, we teach infants and toddlers to be happy and comfortable swimming underwater. They will learn to breathe underwater. This will help them in emergency situations not to panic and ingest water. We also teach them to swim, float, swim. The emphasis is placed on swimming forward, rolling to their backs for a breath, holding a float, and then rolling back to their stomachs. This teaches children life saving skills they will need in emergency situations. These skills also serve as the foundation for the pods skill progression. They are the learn basic swimming skills and for them to progress into proper stroke technique.

Cuttlefish | Children 6 mos. - 3 yrs.

Parents will accompany their child/children in the water. Instructions for different techniques are given to parents to help children become comfortable in the water.
Goal of class: Beginning swim skills. Establish underwater comfort, relaxed back float (assisted), introduce breathing and swimming. Introduce roll from front to back float.

Nautilus | Children 2.5 yrs. - 5 yrs.

No swimming experience required. Skills that will be taught: bubbles, kicking, floating, children will learn to swim, roll to back float, sit dives and jumps.
Goal of class: Swimmer will become comfortable in the water and to jump in unassisted. The swimmer will also be able to swim forward adding 4 strokes and roll to their back for a breath independently for about 10 yards.

Octopus | Children 3 yrs. - 7 yrs.

Swimmer must be able to swim 10 yards on their front and back. Skills that are taught: wall bobs, streamline bobs, rhythmic breathing for freestyle on a kickboard. Swimmer will be introduced to backstroke arms.

How to Enroll

For more information call Pods Swimming at 401-337-5678.